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August 31, 2005

Texas Gulf Coast

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Most of my coastal photography consists of the many species of birds found there. Usually, my husband takes me out in the bay boat so I can either catch an exceptional sunrise or look for wildlife in the bays. This hot August trip seemed to be a little void of wildlife or scenic wonders—just overwhelming heat and humidity. The one exception of “wildlife” was my dachshund, Lyndi Lu, who literally attacked the trout and flounder as they were brought into the boat.

Lyndi Lu FishingTugs Pushing Oil Equipment

She actually ended up with her entire body in the net and got totally covered with fish slime and scales. Many porpoise surfaced near the boat and she really got into her protective mode by growling and barking. It seems she was successful because not a one of them actually got in the boat—-ha! There are numerous pictures of her but somehow I don’t think those will do much for my collection of photos. However, one sight was spectacular and that was watching a gigantic piece of oil field equipment being moved down the ship channel by numerous tugs.

Red Snapper on DockWith any luck I hoped to add a little variety to my portfolio while we were in the Port Aransas area. After crossing the ferry into Port A, I photographed scenes such as the red snapper catch and the Deep Sea Headquarters. It was with some difficulty that we passed up all the new stores (no shopping this trip) and headed out to the beach. As we drove down the beach we became aware of how much the dune structure had changed over the last several years. They are no longer barren but are covered with vegetation which is a sign of a successful program to prevent dune erosion. But, that does not make for the stereotypical picture with picturesque sandy dunes facing the incoming gulf waves. There were a few people on the beach which was good because they added a little life to some of the pictures that I did take.

Dunes on Mustang Island Port Aransas Pictures without living creatures remind me of how my uninhabited Dept. 56 Christmas village looked in it’s beginning. I suddenly realized my village looked as if a plague had wiped out the entire population—not making for a Happy Holiday appearance at all!

August 24, 2005


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View of a Rock from behind a Window of TreesWildflowers through a fence frame

Frame your picture with trees, structures, etc. It gives depth and perspective.

Looking Into the Scene

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Pancho Looking into the SceneWhen taking photo of an animal, bird, or person be sure the subject is looking into the picture from their position on the thirds (rule of thirds tip). The subject should appear to be looking into the scene, not about to exit the photo. This keeps the viewer focused on the picture and does not lead them out of it.

August 23, 2005

How Grandparents Know Summer Is Over

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Wes and Max in a Sharks MouthCameron Fishing at Canyon LakeSummertime has been fun filled with our four grandsons. I think we look forward to keeping them as much as they look forward to staying with us. My pantry was stocked with foods that satisfy the wants of boys between the ages of two and six at the beginning of May. Okay, so the list goes like this: mac and cheese; chicken nuggets; juice; hot dogs; yogurt; and a huge box of Fruit Loops.

Wes and Me Tubin' in the BayThe first set of boys, Max and Wes, came with their mother to help with my booth at Gruene Market Days the third weekend of May. After having a successful show, the boys stayed a week with us. We entertained them non stop and kept them hyped up on all the junk food. In June, we (parents, grandsons, grandparents, two dogs, and one cat) all went to spend the week at the houseboat in Aransas Pass. Loads of fun was had boating, swimming, fishing and shopping. No need for food preparation with the usual stash of ready to eat foods. I even found a few photo opportunities while we out and about.

In July, I had record setting sales at the the Rockport Art Festival which made the heat and humidity more tolerable. Recovery time was short since I was to go baby sit Max and Wes in Richardson, TX for a couple of days before we all returned back to San Marcos for the week. So much for nutritious food when there has been no time to grocery shop. Thank goodness for that grandkid food we stockpiled at the beginning of summer.

Bobby, Cameron and Clayton KayakingAfter celebrating Wes’s fourth birthday in August at Six Flags we returned home with our other two grandsons, Cameron and Clayton. They were to stay with us for only three days so we had to play fast and furious. We went boating, kayaking, fishing, made crafts, and went to the movies. On the final morning with us, I emptied the last of the Fruit Loop box for the boy’s breakfast. I asked my husband, husband, Bobby, if he knew what that meant. He thought it meant he had to go put it in the trash. However, it meant the end of summer for Gram and Papa because that was the last meal we would have with any of the boys before they went back to school and preschool. As soon as they left for home we packed up and went to the Salado Art Fair where I had another good show.

Now, I hope to get caught up (is that ever possible) and have time to take a few more pictures.

Rule of Thirds

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Cement Cistrin With BluebonnetsLydia Ann Lighthouse

Probably one of the most basic tips concerning composition of a photo is the use of thirds. Think of the scene you are viewing through your camera as being placed on a tic-tac-toe board. The most important portion of the picture should be where two of the lines intersect. For example, if the horizon falls in the center of the picture the viewer’s eye is in conflict because it doesn’t know whether to look at the sky or the ground. The photo is more interesting when people, objects, etc. are placed using the principle as well.

Bobby, my husband, drives me around for photo shoots and now understands why I never centered things when he was helping me hang decorations or pictures on the wall. The same principle of using thirds applies in all forms of art.

Cardinals Featured in Texas Hill Country Magazine

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This summer I was thrilled to have my first published images. Four of my cardinal photos were selected to appear in the Summer 2005 issue of Texas Hill Country Magazine.

The magazine is a relatively new publication that features items of interest from the Central Texas area. Distribution will be at these stores: HEB, Walmart, Walgreen’s, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Hastings and Super S. (All stores may not currently stock it but will eventually.)

The Fall 2005 issue will appear in newsstands by mid September.

August 22, 2005

View The Galleries

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View The Galleries!

To the right, click on a gallery to view the images. Be sure to click the thumbnails to view the entire uncropped photo for best enjoyment! Thanks, and enjoy!