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November 29, 2005

Holiday Photo Tip

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PAWhen all the family gets together for the holidays it is a perfect opportunity to take those multi-generation photos of your loved ones. Plan ahead if possible to wear clothing with similar colors without distracting designs. Choose a location with a simple background and fill the lens with the subjects. Remember it is the faces that you will want to see–not the feet, etc.

November 2, 2005

Fall Foliage Trip – October

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PAThis trip was a first for us because as teachers we never got to vacation in the fall. The colors were near peak as we got into West Virginia and Pennsylvania and peaked while we were there. The mountainsides were amazing with all the red, yellow, gold, and orange foliage. There were a number of days that were overcast and rainy as you can tell from some of the skies in the photos. However, for the most part I attempted to eliminate the sky or keep it to a minimum in the composition. Another tip for getting pictures in difficult weather conditions is to take more close-ups instead of large expanses of the landscape.

Fall RoadFall Barn

Grist MillThe gristmill photo was taken at Babcock State Park where it is supposedly the most photographed spot in West Virginia. Apparently, that is true because I lined up along the stream with six other photographers there to take photos. Without any preplanning we were lucky to arrive at the best time of the day for a good exposure from the morning sun.

I restrained from photographing any of the Amish people where they could be recognized but the working of horses was particularly impressive and I just couldn’t resist a few shots of the action. The farm land, barns, crops (pumpkins in the fields) and mums made for a beautiful fall landscape.

Amish people WorkingFall Scene

I hope you enjoy viewing the West Virginia and Pennsylvania photos as much as I did taking them. Check the gallery for more of the pictures.