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About Carolyn

A Little About Carolyn

CarolynWhitesidePortraitI have been interested in photography since I was a young girl so it seemed an obvious choice as a retirement hobby for me. I enjoy being outside, traveling, camping and watching wildlife.  With a camera in hand I could explore nature and still consider myself productive as I worked to capture the world around me.  I welcomed the challenge of learning to use a digital SLR and experimenting with the digital darkroom.  I soon found my strength was in the use of color and forming pleasing compositions.

When behind the camera lens I become totally immersed in framing the scene whether it is a beautiful landscape unfolding in front of me or wildlife going about their routine.  Photography makes me more aware of my surroundings and the beauty that surrounds us.  Nothing is as exciting as seeing something new and unexpected. That could be an awe inspiring view of grand scale or looking at the tiniest of details.  I love the challenge of seeing something in a new and different way.

My images tend to be realistic with some creative enhancements to expand the scope of that which was captured in the camera.  My photography reveals the caring, gentle, and beautiful aspects of nature.  It is pleasing to the eye and restful to view.  Often it takes people to places dear to their heart and stirs fond memories of the past.  When that connection happens, I feel successful and inspired to continue the quest for other images that I haven’t captured or seen yet.

My photos have been published in Hill Country Magazine, Hill Country Alliance Calendars, Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, and Cowboys and Indians Magazine.  They have also been in gallery exhibitions at the Rockport Center for the Arts, A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas Photographic Society: 21, and the Naturescapes Exhibit at the Walker’s Gallery in San Marcos.

Awards and contests include: several from the Rockport Chamber of Commerce; Naturescapes, and the Hill Country Alliance calendar.  But, the most the most outstanding  ones are the Rockport Center for the Arts Architectural Show, 2007, 1st place Photography; and, Rockport Art Festival, 2009, Best of Photo/Print category.  The latest was being selected as a finalist in the Equine category for the Cowboys and Indians Photography contest.

Camera Equipment

  • Canon 5D Mark III
  • Canon 7D
  • Canon EF Zoom lens 100-400mm IS 4.5
  • Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS lens
  • Canon EF Zoom lens 28-135mm IS 3.5
  • Canon Zoom lens EF 22-55 mm 4
  • Canon Macro lens EF 100mm 2.8
  • Kenko Extension Tubes 12-20-36
  • Canon Power Shot A650 IS
  • Canon 1.4 Teleconverter
  • Canon 430EX Speedlite Flash
  • Manfrotto Ball Head
  • Gitzo Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • Wimberley Gimbal Head
  • Sekonic Flashmate L-308S light meter
  • Circular Polarizer Filters
  • Cokin Filter System
  • Tiffen Graduated Neutral Density Filter
  • Manfrotto monopod