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August 23, 2005

How Grandparents Know Summer Is Over

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Wes and Max in a Sharks MouthCameron Fishing at Canyon LakeSummertime has been fun filled with our four grandsons. I think we look forward to keeping them as much as they look forward to staying with us. My pantry was stocked with foods that satisfy the wants of boys between the ages of two and six at the beginning of May. Okay, so the list goes like this: mac and cheese; chicken nuggets; juice; hot dogs; yogurt; and a huge box of Fruit Loops.

Wes and Me Tubin' in the BayThe first set of boys, Max and Wes, came with their mother to help with my booth at Gruene Market Days the third weekend of May. After having a successful show, the boys stayed a week with us. We entertained them non stop and kept them hyped up on all the junk food. In June, we (parents, grandsons, grandparents, two dogs, and one cat) all went to spend the week at the houseboat in Aransas Pass. Loads of fun was had boating, swimming, fishing and shopping. No need for food preparation with the usual stash of ready to eat foods. I even found a few photo opportunities while we out and about.

In July, I had record setting sales at the the Rockport Art Festival which made the heat and humidity more tolerable. Recovery time was short since I was to go baby sit Max and Wes in Richardson, TX for a couple of days before we all returned back to San Marcos for the week. So much for nutritious food when there has been no time to grocery shop. Thank goodness for that grandkid food we stockpiled at the beginning of summer.

Bobby, Cameron and Clayton KayakingAfter celebrating Wes’s fourth birthday in August at Six Flags we returned home with our other two grandsons, Cameron and Clayton. They were to stay with us for only three days so we had to play fast and furious. We went boating, kayaking, fishing, made crafts, and went to the movies. On the final morning with us, I emptied the last of the Fruit Loop box for the boy’s breakfast. I asked my husband, husband, Bobby, if he knew what that meant. He thought it meant he had to go put it in the trash. However, it meant the end of summer for Gram and Papa because that was the last meal we would have with any of the boys before they went back to school and preschool. As soon as they left for home we packed up and went to the Salado Art Fair where I had another good show.

Now, I hope to get caught up (is that ever possible) and have time to take a few more pictures.

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